Thursday, May 15, 2008


Nothing says not enough sleep like a 5AM (mostly water, thank god) on-the-bed barf by everyone's favorite dog. That was followed by two more in the living room (hurrah for hardwood floors!). Which is why I was up till almost 5:40 cleaning up watery puke and changing sheets. I shudder to think what would have happened if I had actually been asleep and been woken up to him blorching water all over me and the bed.

In other boring dog news, I finally brought Jet for a much overdue visit to the vet. He had begun leaking pee on the bed and furniture wherever he laid down for any length of time. He had this problem when I first adopted him but I had read it could be the result of being neutered, and after a few months he stopped leaking so I assumed that was it. But about three weeks ago he started up again, and was leaving stinky wet spots on my bed and couch cover. Another bit of Googling symptoms led me to believe that he may actually have a urinary infection. So I finally broke down and made an appointment for him this past Monday.

What can I say, my boy was a model patient. After some initial barking in the waiting room he allowed the vet to check his glands and touch his face and even stick a thermometer up his butt. Although he didn't enjoy that part very much. No accounting for taste. All of this without being muzzled and not a growl or a grimace from my brave little soldier. Of course, it helped I think that the exam table was really slippery and he spent most of his efforts trying not to let his feet slide out from under. He even let the vet open his mouth and check his teeth.

The result was that except for possibly confirming the infection and giving Jet a shot and 'script for antibiotics, the vet confirmed I have a very well behaved, reasonably healthy four year old boy. No word on whether or not he really is a Jew. And in a few days, hopefully, the leak will dry up.

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