Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I bought an absolutely gorgeous overstuffed bedspread from the Housing Works Design On A Dime benefit I attended two weeks ago. I wanted to buy something to support the effort and at first I found the cutest ceramic dog bowl with a golden bone at the bottom that I was going to buy for Jet even though he has a perfectly fine and pretty handsome blue and white bowl now. Unfortunately I forgot the first rule of thrift shopping in that if you see something you may or may not want to buy, it's best to pick it up and carry it until you decide, lest some other less deserving shopper snatch it from you before you return. Which is just what happenend. So I circled around again and realized I had overlooked this bedspread that matched most of the sheets I own as they are all various shades of blue, purple, yellow and gold. I don't know if the picture does it justice, but the stitching and detail work on this are quite beautiful. And if you notice in this picture, even though Jet didn't get a new food bowl, he apparently is quite content with my second selection.

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