Sunday, May 25, 2008

Calm Before The Storm

I came in to work over an hour early as we have a big Memorial Day concert tonight for 1500 or so people. I needed an hour of quiet to plan out security and how the door should be run to get people in as quickly and safely as possible. I also wanted to review and clean out my e-mail regarding the event so I didn't get hit with any last minute surprises. The music is supposed to be mostly Latin Freestyle and very "old school" so I expect a well behaved and slightly older crowd. The only foreseeable problem is that we can't hold anywhere near 1500 people so there may be some very disappointed and potentially irritated people stuck out on the sidewalk.

The bartenders are due to arrive any minute so my quiet time is about to be shattered. My intent is to get everyone in and get the event up and running and then slip out the back door and finally start my own two day weekend. My plans so far include giving Jet a bath and washing my windows. Such a glamorous life!

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