Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Your New Job Is In A Gay Neighborhood When ...

You look up at an intersection and see this on the side of a building.

Also, while in the men's locker room at the local branch of your gym, someone's cell goes off inside a locker. The ringtone? The Charlie's Angels theme, of course.

Also at my gym this afternoon. At various times 6 or 7 men sitting in a steamroom. With one guy at the end masturbating. No one said anything and no one joined in. Nor did he stop when the door opened and theoretically anyone could be entering. People would open the door and observe him masturbating and proceed to enter the steamroom and sit down. He also didn't appear to try and get anyone to join in. But he kept right on masturbating. It was surreal. When I left? He was still masturbating. Is this a definition of an exhibitionist? A chronic masturbator? Judges? Make the call.

In tech news: If you haven't heard, you can download and use a Beta test version of Microsoft's new browser IE7. I grabbed it yesterday and downloaded it to my desktop. I like it. It's kind of plain looking but the tabbed browsing works great. I like that it always keeps a page ready for you to type or paste a new URL in. That's handy. And I've been having all kinds of problems uploading pictures to my blog using Firefox, but absolutely none when I post using IE. Don't know what up wit dat. Anyway, you can find the download at the Windows Update site.

By the by, I haven't been able to get to Sitemeter for a couple of days now. I'm not a total stat freak but I do like to see who's nosing around here, helloooooo! whoever you are in the ACLU. So is anyone else having Sitemeter issues or is it just me?

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