Friday, April 07, 2006

Don't Say You Weren't Warned ...

From My Mailbag ...
(Because he just couldn't leave it alone. I guess you do reap what you sow after all.)


I is Ricky Taylor. I make up a cool comic book name for myself because when I spend hours reading picture-stories about other people's life it makes me feel maybe someday I can have life that cool too. So from now on you call me Ri-tard OK? I know we has been fighting lately. Really, is liek high school between us. We all have our differences. You smart, I retarded, you in good shape, I gi-normous, you hearie, I deafie, you good lookin, I hideously fat and mis-shapen. But I know for really why we fight. Is because you're HIV+. Why even with bad sex disease people liek you more than me? Really, the deafies no liek me because I embarrass them with my racist remarks and bigoted comments. The hearies no liek me because, well I don't know why. Stupid hearies! The gays no liek me because I smell liek onion all the time and the gays no leik big fat cottage cheese jiggle asses. Me no liek being so fat. Me can't help it. Today I only ate one entire boxes of Hostess cupcakes two 12" Subway sandwiches and the left leg of a neighbor boy that walked by. He good. Taste liek chicken. It OK 'cause he was stupid hearie. Stupid hearies me hate them! Now you belong to another private club me not a part of. Me jelo...jealo... envy you. Me so lonely. Me call you AIDS boy then you get mad and give Ri-tard, the horrible body odor some attension OK? I is The VEE! I is the Vee!

OK the reason me writing on you is because me am very horny and me no get an ejaculation in a long time. Well, if you don't count at night while sleeping but that usually dry by morning and me have to peel my sticky underwear off my sweaty fat skin. Sometimes me just go to work without changing. Hearies wrinkle their nose at me when me walk by. Me too smart though, me know that secret hearie code for "remember to oppress the deafies". Stupid hearies! But you seem to get much sex and me was wondering if me could touch your benis .... lol me so stupid me meant penis. Benis am one of my friends. Also friends named Perlis, Kekua, Surdus, Hex, DelaJoy, man, why we deafies have fucked up names? I is The Vee! I is The Vee! (Why me keep saying that? It make me sound more retarded.)

Ricky Taylor is confused why people get mad at me when I say to leave the Nazi man alone? Me know Nazi men kill 6 million people. But only Jews. That not so bad. It's not like they kill deafies or anything. That would make Ri-tard, the horrible body odor really mad. I would say, "you owe me and all my deafie friends and especially my deaf ancestors an apology." If I didn't get one I would call those Nazis 'hearies' and say "Look! Look! Let the world see the bad Nazi men and what they have done!" Because I believe way more than six people am reading what I have to say. Because me am delus... deloosh... me am fooling myself. Well, obviously me not say it lol *snicker* ROTFLMAO. What was I saying? Oh, yes, talking about my deaf ancestors make Ri-tard mad anyway. They am oppressed because all deaf people am oppressed by hearies. Look it up! Jesus am deaf! One time I asked my mother if maybe my grandparents was oppressed and kept down by the hearies because all my ancestors is retarded as Ricky. Mother just cried. Maybe it am bad idea for Ricky Taylor's backwoods inbred Appalachian family to let brother and sister make fat, deaf, ugly babies together. Can I make babies even though I is faggot? Maybe Ri-tard can go fuck myself. No, me am too fat and smelly to fuck my own dirty ass.

But maybe if me make nasty names on you and call you diseased people think I interesting. I not. Me think about you all the time. Hey, me see you bagging groceries at Met food? He look at me funny so me think it am you. I buying 3 dozens eggs 22 lbs of hams and 8 lbs of bacon so no reason to look at me funny. Lol, OK. Maybe it was chocolate shake dripping out my mouth. But at least me no pay for it. It OK. Grocery probably owned by hearie. Me really mad at you for being hearie but me really, really mad at you for being not pathetic, fat and stupid liek Ricky Taylor. But me still want to make ejaculation with you. Me tired of pretending people that feel sorry for me mite make sex on me. Call Ri-tard?
Please? Anyone?

Oh well, I guess I spend my time posting stoopid messages on people. It am show that even tho I deafie, I can still be bigoted and nasty and .... Oh, What am everyone calling me? Oh yeah! Pathetic and stoopid!
Bye-bye too old, too bitter, AIDS boy with the really nice benis! lol me mean penis.
Ri-tard, the horrible body odor.
(Did I tell you I is the Vee?)
S uck Y ou L ater, (please?)

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