Saturday, April 01, 2006

New York City Clubs/Bars Shut Down In Friday Night Raids

Seven local businesses and gay bars were raided and 5 were shut down last night. All the clubs shut down were located in the Chelsea (gay) section of Manhattan. The clubs were hit with various violations:

Club Deep: Drug sales (marijuana, cocaine and ecstasy)

The View: Drug sales (cocaine and ecstasy)

Splash: Drug sales (reportedly $2700 in cocaine sales)

Spirit: (assault and stabbing of patrons, alcohol sales to minors, drug use and sale)

Avalon: Drug sales (ecstasy)

One dance club and one local business were issued restraining orders. They remain open assuming illegal activity is stopped. They are:

Speed: Cops reporting witnessing attempted prostitution and drug use

Steel Gym: Drug sales (crystal meth)

No word yet on whether the shut downs were for one night or if they'll be longer. Also no real explanation on what prompted the concentration on Chelsea (gay) businesses. The undercover drug probe supposedly lasted nine months.

Update: NY1 is reporting that the clubs that were shut will remain closed "indefinitely".

Update2: NYPD denies targeting gay businesses.

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