Sunday, April 23, 2006

I Spent 50 Cents

Yesterday. The whole day. No, I wasn't sequestered. I woke up a little late, and had a breakfast of leftovers from cooking during the week. I popped in to the gym to SSS, because the storm that blew in made the apartment really cold and drafty. A hot shower and some time in the steamroom warmed my bones and made me feel better. By then it was time for work. That's when I spent 50 cents for a newspaper. I read it quickly on the slow cross-town bus ride. My dinner was covered at work as were my after work drinks. I had two. I headed for home in the unending rain around 3 am. I did have another drink at home, but that was obviously already paid for. I fell asleep lounging on the couch for a bit and woke up around 5:30, scooting off to bed.

Total monetary cost for the day: .50

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