Thursday, April 27, 2006

Oh Thank Heaven!

I'm sure only two people will know what I'm talking about, but at last Steven was sent home! What a pompous, insufferable man. I pity the poor kitchen and waitstaff that will one day suffer in his employ. I think now Dave may go all the way. If he doesn't have some sort of spontaneous mental breakdown.

My niece finally got internet access (!) in her house. They live in a shack in the woods. Seriously, they have no sidewalks. And they gave her an e-mail address. Since then we've been trading short e-mails almost every day. I couldn't be happier. So the other day I casually mentioned that I had gone shopping. To which she inquired as to what I had gone shopping for? My reply:

Oh sweetie, I just went shopping. It's completely beside the point what you shop "for".


Forgive her Discount Gods. She is but a child and clearly needs some help and guidance from her Guncle. She knows not the wonders of the Sale Rack and the miracle that is an additional 20% off at the registers. School her, I must in the ways of the Jedi charge card.

Bad News dept: My cousin's wife lost her father this weekend. It double sucks because she is in her 40's and due to give birth. Her first time, and it's twins. So near her due date that they won't let her travel to Buffalo for the services. What should be unbelievably joyous has turned bittersweet. Of course I'm sending a card but I don't know what to say and wish I could do more.

I know, sex. Maybe tomorrow.

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