Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Oh No You Didn't !

Yesterday I thought he was being irritating and naive. Today he out and out pissed me the fuck off.

I got the point completely, Richard, and I'm so sorry you don't see that what you post, a gay bar or club, Fire Island and Main Street USA are all connected. And I maintain that you are not and should not presume to be the arbiter of what's appropriate. Particularly if, as you seem to advocate, you feel that we need to assimilate into what you think straight people feel is acceptable in order to gain equality. Equality will never be willingly handed over to us. Equality is demanded and taken by force, regardless of whether I'm in an evening gown or walking down the street with a porn star and a lesbian with her titties out. I'm so sorry that a part of you is so scared and ashamed of who we, and I guess by extension you, are that you would write something so hateful.

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