Friday, April 14, 2006

You Got Me ...

under your skin.

from my mailbag:

Mr. Tom (Edited for content) old aidsy hag:

After talking with my attorney about you using my pictures without my
permission, he said that it is copyright infringement since I already
marked it as copyrighted on my website (Check "All Rights Reserved"
dated 2003).

You chose to steal a couple of pictures and put the words on it and
posted it on your website -- that is copyright infringement. My
attorney told me that I could ask you to remove it because you lacked
the permission from the owner whose the pictures belonged to, that is,

Your website is being notified to the for copyright
infringement and the abuse of my pictures for your pleasure. That is
illegal action that can be dealt in the courts. Of course, I am
asking you to remove the pictures because I never gave you the
permission to do such a thing.

Thank you,
Ricky Taylor

You silly, silly fat retard. Parody is not covered by copyright infringement. Neither is satire. Look it up. Have your lawyer call my lawyer.

See you in court!


P.S. Nothing about pictures of you give me any kind of pleasure.

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