Thursday, June 22, 2006

WSIWYG - Greetings From Gaytown plus, My Dog's First Gay Bar

Tuesday found me hiking downtown to the Bowery Poetry Club for the annual all-singing all-dancing gay edition of WYSIWYG. I love that they've moved from the old PS 122 location, as it's now great writing and entertainment WITH A BAR. I'm much more motivated to arrive early now. I always love the way gay edition of WYSIWYG, but this year was particularly good. I won't review every performer, but I will highlite my favorites. Greg Walloch was milk out the nose funny. Huh-larry-us. And if you head over to Curly McDimple's site Ham & Cheese on Wry, she's posted the peice she read. It's funny in print but her delivery was retardedly good. I can see why she's been nominated for blog awards. I'm so jealous. One of my absolute favorite bloggers Joel Derfner didn't disappoint on any level. I wish I could tell you more about what he read but unfortunately when he took the stage all the blood rushed out of my ears and into my penis. The picture does not do him justice but here you go...

(picture removed per request)
Joe Jervis, Rod Townsend and Greg Walloch

Moving right along, I was informed that there would be a little after gay-say at Nowhere, a bar I have on my emergency martini list. Location, location, location. But I had a couple priorities. Namely I'd only had a slice of pizza and a Snapple in the last few hours and I knew I had a dog at home with his hind legs crossed cursing me out with doggie swear words. Ever the multi-tasker, I decided to grab some sushi on the way home and then bring dog and bar together for two, two, two treats in one. I hadn't counted on the fact that either Tuesday nights there have really taken off, or the bar was crazy busy because it's Pride week, but either way the joint was packed, so Jet and I took over the little alcove in the front. I enjoyed a couple of Stoli/sodas and Jet got tons of attention and all the popcorn he could scarf down.

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