Friday, June 02, 2006

Just A Quick Note, And A Warning

Just have time to jot this down while I fortify my belly with a little leftover pasta. I'm about to dash out the door for the first of a long weekend of activities. First up:

I'll be arriving at Barrage fashionably late but not so late they they're all drunken messes yet. I said yet. I'm going to try diving in head first this year, extreme shyness be damned. I'm looking forward to it, and will try to get some good pictures.

I have no plans for Saturday afternoon, but that could change after tonight. Saturday night, however I've been invited to not one, but two downtown parties. I'm going to try to make them both, but we'll just see which way the go-go boys blow me.

Sunday I have plans to leave the Isle of Manhattan and check out the scene at Queens Pride. I'll probably skip the parade and just wander around the outdoor festival. I hear it's ... festive. Plus, three words. Drunk. Latin. Men. Again, I'll try to get you some good pictures.

So it will probably be Monday before I give you the story of how a certain restaurant in Chelsea basically used me and spit me back out again. It should be worth the wait because I plan to give the whole story. With real names. Learn it!

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