Saturday, June 17, 2006

What's All This Fuss About Violins In The Street?

Anti Violence rally and march. In words and pictures. You can click on the pictures for the full size.

I rolled up at the rallying point on 1st Ave. and 14th right at 2pm. It was a decidedly rag-tag bunch at first. Although eventually between the marchers and the media there was a sizable crowd.

Drag entertainer Hedda Lettuce makes a last minute wig adjustment while conferring with self-styled "Gay pimp" Jonny McGovern.

We started out being told the march to Greenwich Village would be confined to the sidewalk, but that proved impractical due to a turnout NY1 stated "in the hundreds" and we quickly took to the streets blocking traffic.

We're here! We're queer! Hot man!

A small stage was supposed to be at the end of the march. It wasn't located immediately so La Lettuce, ever the improvisational girl, took to a lamp post to speak her mind.

The crowd was very East Village. I guess there's still a militant streak in some fags today. It was good to see. Eventually, Kevin Aviance tearfully made an appearance and managed to give a short speech despite the wired shut jaw. I didn't get a picture as the media crush was at it's crushiest.

Michael Lucas unleashes the Anti-Violence Pout. It's like Blue Steele only more "activisty".

All in all, I felt like we turned it out for the cause, and since I always try and do something positive for the gays during pride, if I accomplish nothing else this week for my peeps, well, I've got this.

More coverage and photos here.


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