Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Leather Daddy

In another attempt to make the scene during Pride week I sashayed over to the Folsom Street East outdoor street fair. To say it's not really my scene is an understatement, I was greeted by a sea of back hair and steroid acne. The cliche hypermasculine, overdeveloped "macho" daddy doesn't do it for me. At best, I think of it as just another costume for gay men and at worst, I think it's classic overcompensation. My first daddy didn't work out all that great, I have no need to try and replay it.

They did manage to appeal to something I like. There was shopping.

Like all good gay events, they put on a show. A couple of singers, blah blah blah. Hey now, what's this? A group called En Guard. A gay/lesbian color guard. Oh like I could make that up!

I want a sparkly fake gun, immediately.

I admit, I wasn't feeling so hot that day. And it was so unbelievably hot that day that I will cop to being a bit of a crank, but the leather "costume" just looks silly on me and to me. Can I just have a side of dildos and wrist restraints to go? I think I was officially lost the minute I decided to sashay.

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