Saturday, December 31, 2005

Quite A Start To The New Year

So this afternoon found me at the Doctor's. I was getting fresh numbers from my most recent blood work. For those keeping track, my last test had my viral load down to 1163. My newest number? .... wait for it .... 95. Almost undetectable (which is technically under 50) In addition, my T-Cells that came up last time at 452 are now a whopping 616. According to my Doc my T-Cell percentage is testing the same as a heatlhy HIV negative person. Of course, I'm not. What I am, is in pretty damn fine shape and starting the New Year pretty healthy for a sick person. Oh, and in spite of the fact that I stuffed my face all week with homemade Christmas (sorry, Holiday) cookies and ice cream and pasta I actually lost about three pounds. Don't hate me.
To celebrate I bought three new blouses at the Old Gravy and some new storage shelving for my DVD's.

Here's a hot guy in a Speedo to help us all celebrate.

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