Friday, December 16, 2005

Have Yourself A Bloody Little Christmas

A bit of controversy was stirred up in a couple of articles that ran this week in The Post. To my surprise, the story went national as I tracked down coverage in the San Francisco bay area as well as a Boston TV news station. The most accurate reporting I could find regarding the story was here. The reason I'm mentioning it? One, it's pretty funny. Two, I think this whole national "debate" regarding the use of Happy Holidays versus Merry Christmas is about the most retarded waste of time ever. Three, the people who put up the display are my neighbors.

Just on principle and in my limited capacity as an "artist" I would defend these people to the end. And as a bit more backstory only the Christmas lights and Santa are new. The bloody doll heads in the tree are year 'round. There have been demands to remove the display and even some thinly veiled threats to rip it down. Over my dead Bloody Barbie body. New York City has a rich and storied live and let live tradition. This is not Southern California. We don't censor our controversy. We embrace it. At the very least we stop, take note, shrug and move on. That's why I live here. If you think little Suzie might be traumatized by an artistic display you may have to (gasp!) take a moment to explain to her then here's a thought: Walk on the other side of the street, moron. Just don't mess with my right to have myself a bloody killer Christmas.

In Other News ...
It seems a bit of a controversy of another sort has broken out surrounding the accursed Blog Awards. It's taking every ounce of self control in my possession to resist weighing in beyond my previous ridicule. So for now I'll just keep reading and snicker on occasion.

Also, something's amiss in the land of Movable Type. It seems almost all the Livejournal Blogs have rolled back anywhere from three days to a week. With no explanation as of yet, I'm left wondering if the substantial bank deposit I made yesterday still counts.

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