Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Some Extra Free Time?

I spent today relaxing around the apartment. Truly taking a day off from any and all responsibilities. I sorted mail and fluffed the pillows and watched stories about extremely fat people on TLC. Early this evening I got a burst of creativity and popped out for some glossy photo paper to make up some prints. Eventually, I would like to have all the photography in my room be a display of my work. Here's a shot I haven't posted from a trip to Central Park in May of 2004. It's inside the underpass next to the Bathesda Fountain. It has since been closed for repairs and is all boarded up. The late afternoon sun made for some great shadows.

Central Park May 8, 2004

I suppose it's a good thing I spent the day regrouping. The owner has called me in for a meeting tomorrow afternoon. I have a very strong suspicion I'm going to be fired. Not to worry, if it happens I'm totally prepared for it. Gotta go now. Look at the time. Iron Chef is on.

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