Friday, May 15, 2009

No News Is Bad News

Haven't heard from my prospective employers, and I've turned so bitter over the whole ordeal I would most likely flat out turn them down now even if they still got around to offering me a job. Just for spite.

They have to open a new bar/restaurant/music venue in a week and they just put an ad out for staff hiring as of this weekend. They have to hire and train a staff, finish building the damn thing, and come up with all of the daily operating systems that will make it work.

I got an earful at my all day training session (which they probably will never pay me for, and I'm keenly aware that's illegal), and they have no idea how to use the computer system they are installing and planning to use. They barely know how to ring up a sale, let alone be able to adjust a menu or prices, input employee data or use the time clock. They have no idea how to run reports, how to read the reports that are run, or what to do if the reports don't match the cash or credit sales. They don't have a clue how to ring up or set up a system to account for parties and events. And they definitely don't have any idea how to implement cash handling or security measures in the middle of a busy tourist neighborhood.

They are planning on doing concerts and events but have no system in place, beyond the use of a few very slow hand held scanners, for quickly and efficiently checking ID's and getting people in to the venue. And not even the POS trainer has more than a couple of days experience using the hand held scanners or the software that they use. But I do.

I could have helped them with all of this and much more. Not so much now.

Here's a few more pictures from the Botanic Gardens:

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