Friday, May 29, 2009

Blew A Tire

I went in for a scheduled dental cleaning last month and mentioned I was experiencing a bit of sensitivity in my teeth, especially when I drank cold water or breathed in cold air. My dentist took some x-rays, said I had no cavities at all, and did a scheduled cleaning. I was on may way.

Fast forward to this week and now I was no longer sensitive but in real pain. Hot coffee, cold water, anything acidic. By the end of the next day I couldn't eat or drink anything without a wave of pain radiating through my jaw. I made my way to the dentist yesterday hoping to get in but the best I could get was an appointment first thing this morning.

I was saying a little prayer that I didn't need another root canal, not that my first one was even a little painful, it just took so damn long. Weeks and weeks of return visits. Turns out, one of the fillings I had done last year had chipped loose and because I am missing some of the enamel on my teeth at the gums, a nerve was exposed. This was confirmed when the dentist poked at my tooth and I practically jumped out of the chair.

A little anesthetic and some drilling followed by a little tire patch epoxy, and I was pronounced good as new. I'm enjoying a cup of coffee while I type away, but it doesn't count because I still can't feel that part of my face. Hopefully, I'm all repaired.

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