Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Crimes And Misdemeanors

The Post is reporting a huge jump in violent crime all over lower Manhattan. As anyone who reads the paper religiously has noticed, Greenwich Village leads the way with a 43% increase in violent crime over 2008. I pray I never become one of those old people that thinks "they" are lurking around every street corner out to "get me". However I had noticed more and more reports of people getting beaten and mugged around the Village that fall outside of typical. Relatively young 30-50 year olds as well as other teens have been victims and often in broad daylight, or during the "safer" evening hours when the streets are still busy.

My beloved Gramercy Park has seen a 24% increase in assaults. Someone was mugged just two blocks away a couple of weeks ago. It makes me glad Mr. Riley is often with me as I go about my business (although you could buy him off with a handful of ham), and I've taken to looking askance at the halfway house parolees that are always lurking about on the front porch next door.

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