Sunday, May 10, 2009

Call Your Mom

Three pretty solid interviews in three days. I got past the 1st interview on two of them and already met the owner on one. I have another meeting with the owners of the second job tomorrow afternoon. The third interview may or may not call me in for another interview or they may just hire me. They are really under the gun time-wise and need a management team in place this week sometime. But I'm not counting on any of it at this point. First one who offers me a steady paycheck gets me.

Went to the Design On A Dime benefit late Saturday afternoon. Most of it had been picked through but by the time I got there all the remaining housewares had been reduced to 50% off. That included all the bed linen and I ended up spending money I shouldn't have to get two complete sheet sets for all of $40. Best of all they are interchangeable color-wise so it's almost like getting three different sets. Many of my sheets didn't make it through Riley's terrible 2's, so it will be nice to have sheets without giant doggie claw marks in them for a change.

I've been absolutely hating going to Gay-A meetings lately, and this Saturday was the worst ever. I have no idea who is booking the speakers, but if I have to listen to one more morose, suicidal lesbian heroin addict talk about how shitty her life is and the girlfriend she just broke up with I will just go ahead and open up one of my own arteries right there in the church basement. And then these East Village hypocrites validate everything she endlessly whines about by saying how much they identify with her and how courageous she is. Of course they feel like that, they're all lesbian heroin addicts. Or East Village fags, which is the same thing. Then to top it off yesterday I had my personal space invaded by a guy who was channeling Mr. Bean. He pulled a chair up to the front row practically on top of me and ended up rambling on for a good five minutes of his own saying nothing that was remotely helpful. In fact, it seems he advocated taking the occasional drink before an AA meeting. Which just seems counter-productive if you ask me.

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