Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Dodged A Bullet

EV Grieve, being a braver soul than I, takes in the sights during the opening weekend at the South Street Seaport Water Taxi Beach. From the description of the crowd to the observations of the working conditions, I can only feel a certain sense of relief that, although they acted like complete assholes during my "hiring" process, at least I'm not stuck managing this salute to white trash.

They obviously didn't finish installing or hooking up the beer tents or the storage coolers, as the only beer available is in bottles and you have to board a nearby boat that has been anchored to the pier until they get around to it. I'm willing to bet you they didn't get the POS system installed and they are using carbon paper dupe pads from Staples and their cash management consists of cigar boxes and portable metal lock boxes.

"Anyway, I ask the bartender if they will sell beer elsewhere on the Beach. Like under the tent. Absolutely! Give them a few weeks. They are just getting up and running. Speaking of running, where are the bathrooms? Oh, you have to go up to the second level inside Pier 17. They'll have bathrooms eventually, too.

During this late-afternoon hour, it's mostly families on the beach. And tourists. Tourist families? Kids are playing in the sand. Having fun. Being kids. A mother changes her son's diaper on the picnic table."

I can also thank my lucky stars I'm not stuck managing a broken down Skee Ball machine (Mister! Mister! I lost my quarters!) or resolving some sort of "I got next" potential knife fight over who has the available ping-pong table.

Mostly I'm not stuck handling the (admittedly hilarious) task of explaining why someone's Fish Taco (gah) tastes uncannily like some third world poo-filled baby diaper.

And check out the high-tech sound system:

-(photos via EV Grieve)

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