Monday, May 04, 2009

Monday Mayhem - Couple Charged With Charcoal-Grilling Baby

A Michigan couple is facing a host of charges including murder, manslaughter and welfare fraud after police discovered the remains of their 2 year old child in the basement ceiling.

While the cause of death was inconclusive, the child's body showed suffering from malnutrition and broken bones.

The couple apparently attempted an at-home cremation and tried to dispose of the body by grilling it on a home barbecue. After unsuccessfully spit-roasting their dead child, the couple stuffed it in a bag (I assume to lock in freshness) and stashed it in the ceiling.

This horror was all uncovered during the police investigation into abuse allegations for the couple's younger, 1 year old child.

The "mother" continued collecting welfare assistance for her Extra-Crispy recipe baby.

And still there are people who insist a mother and father are the best, and only, parents a child in this country should have.

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