Saturday, April 17, 2004

She Catches On, Slowly ...

So I've been blogging from a mobile location on 23/3rd called the Push Cafe. It was one of the reasons I arranged a Craigslist barter trade of my digital video recorder (that I hardly ever used) for this laptop (which I clearly use often). I would walk by almost every day and see these young cute sullen boys busily tapping away at their keyboards taunting me. And while I know I can no longer pull off young, with the right outfit I can still pull down a cute and I got the sullen bit down, girl. I put the out in pouty when I feel like it. So laptop in tow I've happily paid $3.75 (with tip) for a big ole cup of coffee and for the privilege of sitting in a too dark coffee shop with a horrible music collection so I can sit in front of the big open front wall that looks on to the street. And more important, so people can see me sitting there. To add insult to stupidity their Wi-Fi access is actually courtesy of the Starbuck's next door. They're using T-Mobile exclusively throughout Manhattan. So in addition to the four dollar coffee, I have to either open up a T-Mobile account at 30 bucks a month or just pay the $10 flat rate 24 hour access. In effect, making every mobile blog entry a $14 hit minimum (that's assuming I don't get totally jacked up and order another cup).

Today I finish up my workout, it's 8pm, I feel like having a bite to eat and run through my options. Cooking for myself is considered and then completely rejected. It occurs to me that I may have something to write about. (Note to self: Tell them about Ed Koch) So maybe dinner at Push. They have a vegan -ish, Middle Eastern -ish two page menu. I decide I don't need food to fix for dinner but I do need some basic supplies: milk, coffee, enema you know, life. So since I'm on 23rd street I head to a grocery store between 1st & 2nd. As I'm approaching Second Ave. I remember that a diner I frequent also has Wi-Fi access. As I arrive right at the window of said diner I glance down and see a decal for Verizon Wi-Fi. As in I'm a Verizon customer. As in Wi-Fi access through Verizon is free for me. D'oh! D'oh! I swear I saw a T-Mobile decal on the window at some point. Upon further consideration that may have been at Kinko's.

I had fucked around with my weblog template trying to add some new features and update my links. Why do people publish weblogs and then password protect them? Isn't that the height of ego to think that whatever you have to say is so good, so valuable that you'll only share it with a select few people? And doesn't this sort of defeat the whole purpose of creating a weblog? So that absolutely anyone can Google their way into your life for a while. Anyway, while trying to repair and replace buttons and links I was having trouble finding the code for the Blogger button. It was while hunting around for the code that I stumbled over some FAQ's from Blogger. One of them pointed to the spellcheck feature built in. The same spell check I was wondering why they didn't include as such an obvious and important publishing feature just last week. (Oh you mean spellcheck ........)

To review:
I'm stupid. I'm really really stupid. My apologies for all previous spelling errors.

Future mobile Blog Location will now be brought to you by the fine folks at Cosmo's Diner on 23/2nd. Cosmo's gotta love active Greeks.

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