Tuesday, April 06, 2004

*Ding!* In Which Our Hero Comes Out Swinging

Dear Ricky,

While my buddy Ryan is more than capable of defending himself if he needed to, I couldn’t help but respond to your offensive posts myself. After all, since we have the misfortune of traveling in the same circles at the same bars here in NYC, I don’t want you to be surprised when I push you in front of a speeding city bus someday soon. Originally, I figured you were just a stupid 20 yr. old with access to a computer in some study hall in some backwater town somewhere. You really can’t blame me, I was basing my original impressions on your amateur writing style, your horrible grammar and you’re inability to stick to a cohesive sentence structure. (Have someone explain that.) Graduated with two degrees, did you? They decided they hated you and gave you degrees to make you leave didn’t they? For a while I thought you were French. That would have explained the snotty attitude as well. Imagine my horror at the realization that you were a stupid 30 year old and walking around free all over my playground.

As I scanned and discarded all of your glorious comic book allegories (You do know Mordru isn’t a real person, right?) I managed to slog through most of the rest of your blog. I did notice how often people in your life that started out as friends quickly became “enemies”. You seem to acquire a lot of “enemies”. Why do you suppose that is? And curiously, you always seem to be the injured party. The one who was wronged, betrayed. As if all of your “friends” are in reality back stabbing, unreliable evil people. Why do you suppose you’re attracting this type of person to your world? Karma is a bitch, Ricky and you seem to be collecting the bad kind in spades.

Digging deeper, I found this little gem:

Saturday, February 21, 2004
Shock Value
That words, Shock Value, define who I am. That is who I am.

Last Thursday night at The Hole, I am not sure if Web and Little Joe saw but Cyn saw it and she shrieked when I did something drastic. Someone threw a lime into the air and it landed in my cup filled with my favorite drink, Cape Cod. I was offended but certainly not upset. I lost the appetite to drink that cup so I tossed the whole cup in the air and let it land on someone else. Not my problem. Cyn was stunned and said, "YOU DID IT! MY GOD! YOU DID IT!!"

Fuckin lovely. That’s what we need more of in New York, boorish ill-mannered assholes that toss drinks into the air. You're a fuckin prize, Ricky. Do all the people in New York that know how to behave in public a favor and drink at home. Oh, and while I’m at it since I see you’re part of New York’s deaf gay community here’s a little public service message: TIP YOUR BARTENDER, YOU CHEAP-ASS MOTHERFUCKER!

Obnoxious Asshole, define who you am. Rest assured, if I ever have the misfortune of finding myself in public at the same time you’ve slithered out from under whatever rock you’re living, I won’t hesitate to kick your ass up and down Second Avenue should I witness this anti-social, juvenile behavior.

From Monday, March 29:

I freaked out when I learned that you might make out with that facial wasting fool.

And further..

Facial wasting is coming soon for certain persons. And when the day comes, I shall smile.

This, taken along with comments you left on Ryan’s blog, lead me to believe that you think it’s somehow clever and appropriate to wish AIDS symptoms on people who “annoy” you. You’re a pig.

It’s clear to anyone who manages to get far enough into your postings that hate is a place that you operate from very frequently. And also very clearly, the two things you hate most of all are being gay and being deaf. The two things you will sadly never escape. I’m sorry you are so obsessed with people thinking they are somehow better than you or better dressed than you or more popular but the fact of the matter is, they are. Because your self loathing has made you sad and ugly. I’m sorry, too that you’ve allowed your envy of people who have apparently done nothing but been born able to hear poison you and cause you to retreat into a comic book existence. It may also explain why you have no discernable social skills whatsoever. If anyone deserves to be pitied it’s you. That which you call “poking fun” is just so much angry lashing out at how hard it is to be you. But when you insult and make fun of sick people, when you tell them you want them to die, when you think this makes you somehow clever, what it really does is make you small and insignificant. I’m sorry you find the life you’re forced to live so painful. Perhaps the next time around you’ll get a better deal. But if you continue to run your existence from a position of hate and bigotry I seriously doubt it.

Oh, and one more thing (since you seem so fond of the expression), I'm not sure how long I'll be running my club, and I see much to my dismay that we've had the displeasure of your company already, but I will be watching for you,

I trust you won't be at all surprised when you're refused service. I'm nasty like that.

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