Monday, January 18, 2010

Very Bad News

Riley is sick and has been admitted to the hospital. He is getting IV fluids and having more tests done but they are afraid that he may have some sort of intestinal blockage. If that's the case, the surgery and hospitalization will be over $5,000.00.
I don't have it and nobody I know does either.

I don't know what to do.

UPDATE: Riley is in surgery and I'm waiting to hear that he is out and recovering.

I just got back from a Gay-A "gratitude meeting". All that I could think about was that I am grateful that even though I was experiencing DEFCON 1 on the stress indicator, the first thing that I thought of once I had a free hour or two was that I needed to get to a meeting, pronto. I am grateful, as the "old me" would have poured a shot of vodka with a vodka/cranberry chaser on that problem and it would have been downhill from there.

I'm equally grateful that I have managed to repair relations with my brother enough to not only get a hug at Christmas, but to have someone to turn to in an emergency, and this seriously qualifies. He is generously arranging to co-sign a credit application that will allow me to finance Riley's surgery and pay it off in installments. And while I need another credit payment like I need a hole in my head, I would gladly get a hole in my head if that's what Riley needed to get his medical care.

Hopefully, he will be out of surgery soon and home in a few days.

UPDATE II: Riley made it through surgery and is recovering. The vet thought he had an obstruction as well as an issue with his intestines. As it turned out, he had eaten a plant or a branch of some sort that ended up to be indigestible. Part of the plant was in his stomach, and the other part, while still connected, was in his intestines and he couldn't get either part out. His innards turned inside out trying to get rid of the branch, and eventually he probably would have ended up with an infection and something like sepsis. Dead.

Fortunately I got him to the hospital and he should be fine.

For $5,000 he better come back with gold plated ear tips.

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