Sunday, January 03, 2010

New Years Par-Tay!!

At the laundromat. At least that's how I spent the early part of my New Years Eve. I didn't want to start the new year with a big old mountain of dirty clothes so I ended up doing laundry (and I wasn't alone) until around 8 pm. After that I got caught up on my email sorting and did some cleaning around the apartment. I think I was playing Left 4 Dead when the New Year actually happened. Nothing says Happy New Year like slaughtering zombies.

I also made it to a Gay-A meeting during the afternoon, and while I planned to make one on New Years Day, I honestly wasn't feeling the need. Holidays are hard for some alcoholics, but (I assume) because I spent so many years behind a bar, I kind of see that the pressure to spend a holiday drinking is really something that people put on (or let other people put on) themselves. I mean, when did celebrating Christmas become synonymous with getting drunk? Even if you ignore the religious aspect to it, Christmas for me is about spending time with friends and family, being kind to people and all that crap.

And even before I got sober, New Years was traditionally a day I made a point of NOT waking up with a hangover. I spent far too many years looking across a bar at people absolutely desperate to get drunk. Almost like they were trying to erase all memory of the year that was, while insuring they would start the next one in misery. Not for me. Even while I was still drinking, I tried to make it a point to at least start the new year feeling good. After that I would still get drunk every day.

I also started on one of the projects I had mentioned in an earlier post, because as expected, there is precious little work. My bedroom is in serious need of a paint job, and while I am at it, the whole room needs to be re-thought. As the years have gone by and I needed storage space or shelving I basically bought whatever I could find/afford and threw it up on some available wall space. The result is a mish-mosh of shelving units located at random all around the room. I also have a queen sized bed, a dresser, a fairly large closet, my desk (PC, printer, scanner) and all the accompanying paper and books and magazines that go with it in the room. Also this is hangout central for Riley.

I've been feeling a little cramped. Getting around the bed to water the plants, open a window, or fetch a T-Shirt involves a sideways shuffle or a leap over the bed. I guess it's a good thing I'm terminally single, as another person in the bed would have to climb over a body and a dog in order to get out.

So I've pulled everything out of the room except the bed (no space). That will be covered with a tarp and as soon as I patch all the walls I will be spending the next couple of days putting a fresh coat of paint on the walls. Then before I put the shelving back up I will try to come up with a better use of the space, while giving all my "stuff" a good sort and a merciless purge.

And I only have three days to accomplish it as we are getting a new (temporary) roommate that will be moving in this week for a three month stay. One of my boys has gone to Prague for a semester abroad and has rented out his own room (with my approval, obv.) in order to have it when he gets back. Which is either flattering or a testament to how valuable a cheap apartment is in this town. Probably both.

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