Monday, January 25, 2010

Animal Kingdom

Here's a shot of poor little Riley that they took of him at the animal hospital post-surgery. You can see his undercarriage got shaved and he's wearing the bandage on his leg where they hooked him up to the IV for fluids and such. That got shaved as well. This is how he looked at me all weekend until I got him to the hospital. "Help me, Daddy!" Is it any wonder I borrowed $5,000.00 to get him his operation?
Not to be outdone, here's a picture I snapped with my phone cam of the infamous Cat back in December when I was visiting the family. Every morning and night when I prepared to brush my teeth, Cat would jump on the sink and stare at me until I turned on the water. For a cat, he drank a lot of water, but I suspect he actually just enjoyed the service.

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