Friday, January 15, 2010

Self Help Thursday

In an effort to minimize needing to take multiple days off or having to keep track of what shift I am available on which day, I decided to simplify things and put all of my standing commitments on one day -Thursday.

So Thursday morning I leave the house at around 11:30 and walk across town, about 1/2 an hour, to see my therapist. After that, at 1:00 I walk back across town to be at my Gay-A group to chair a 2:00 meeting. 3-5:00 can be errands or lunch or I may try to get in a work out. Today was lunch. Then I take Riley out for his second walk of the day. After that I walk back across town to the Gay/Lesbian Community Center and meet up with my HIV+ support group. That lasts from 6-8:30, after which I may try to work out if I haven't already, or I sometimes join the POZ guys for dinner. Then I walk back across town to my apartment, where I eat (if I haven't already) and take Riley down five flights of stairs (again) for his last walk of the day.

By this time I'm usually pretty pooped. But I'm not sure if all the walking back and forth from East to West and up and down five flights of stairs has done it, or if it's because I've just spent most of the time of an entire day thinking, talking and evaluating ME, ME, ME!

In any event, my therapy session today was particularly rewarding, and we addressed one of the reasons that I was so keen on starting this round of self-absorbed navel-gazing, and what I hoped to accomplish with it. Rather than trying to preserve an air of mystery about it, and quite frankly, there's not enough people reading to justify that kind of a rating's stunt, I will just go ahead and tell you that my plans to make use of the foster parent certification classes I completed last year are back on, if not the front burner, definitely the middle burner, and if not at full boil, something's definitely bubbling up.

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