Monday, September 28, 2009

Totally Random

The mail brought some surprises, one expected and one totally not. I got sent a copy of Monster, a book by John Dunne recounting the period when he and Joan Didion were writing a screenplay based on the life of Jessica Savitch. It should dovetail nicely with my just digested helping of Magical Thinking. Which, by the way, now that I finished I recommend highly if you haven't read it. She's a no-nonsense writer, so I was surprised to find out she was born and lived for most of her life on the west coast. I would have guessed New England based on her economy of words. I have found that west coast writers are usually more decorative. The book was the expected surprise.

Last week I was having a conversation with my father in which he related he had a bit of a windfall courtesy of the Casino Niagara. It wasn't a life-changer, but somewhere in the neighborhood of 3K. Which is a neighborhood I rarely visit. Of course, I immediately asked where my cut was. I was joking, he laughed and we moved on. So imagine my surprise on Friday when I opened the mail and found a card from the parents for no apparent reason. Inside was a check and a note:

"This check is from Dad, as your cut of his winnings!! He wants to make sure you buy your TV with it."

I had related to my father on several phone calls that I have begun saving money for a new TV. My old TV works perfectly well, but it's one of the bulky older ones and only 20". I've been feeling TV deprived, and now that a decent sized LCD flat screen can be found for well under $500 I thought it was finally in my price range. My dad decided to speed up the process, claiming that he would have ended up giving it back at the casino if he didn't give some to me. Not a gesture I'm accustomed to from my parents, which of course made it even more amazing. I did briefly consider getting completely caught up on all my bills with the money, but if dad is going to make a grand gesture and tell me to buy a TV, then by god a TV is what I'll buy!

And in keeping with the theme of today's post, yesterday I left my house to get some brunch and a newspaper. As soon as I walked out my front door, who did I spot strolling by but Academy Award winning actress Susan Sarandon. We had a moment. Our eyes locked. Our non-verbal conversation went something like this:

"Hey, it's Academy Award winning actress Susan Sarandon!"

"Yes, it's me, and I see that you know it's me but it's Sunday afternoon and I'm just walking by like normal."

"I understand, Susan Sarandon, I won't bother you or stop you for an autograph. Mostly because I don't ask for autographs. I think they're stupid."

"OK then."

"OK bye, Susan Sarandon."

And with that we both went on our way.

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