Monday, September 21, 2009

Here's Something Odd

I seem to be in a sudden period of middle aged attractiveness. First, it was last week and I was at the Barnes & Noble buying a really bad "book" (that would be Carrie Fisher's Wishful Drinking -don't buy it, it's crap, and I could just tell you a better story in the short time it takes to read it cover to cover- which for me was two subway rides). Carrie Fisher owes me $14. I also bought The Year of Magical Thinking by Joan Didion and I am completely absorbed in it. I have actually folded the book away a couple of times to savor it a bit longer. Anyway I got seriously cruised by a really attractive man, who I caught looking at me like I was a pork chop and he hadn't eaten in days. And this was by the autobiography table and not the usually cruisy Gay section. I was surprised and then flattered and I briefly considered heading for the Men's room, where I've read (I said read) that some assignation's of the carnal variety have been known to break out. But I had somewhere I needed to be (I KNOW!) and decided against it. Instead I smiled and tightened up my butt cheeks as I headed out the door.

A couple of days later I was heading up the escalator of the PATH train in New Jersey, on my way to my unexpectedly better paying (lately) job when I looked over at the man heading the opposite way. I caught him mid-stare as he gave me a serious "how yu doin'?", and I'm ashamed to admit I went all bitchy homo on him and looked away as if I get eye-fucked all the time and I was rather bored with the attention. Inside I was staring to wonder if the 13 or so pounds I lost was starting to show.

So then mid-week last week I guess I shouldn't have been too surprised when a very nice looking man at my gym stuck his finger up my butt and gave me a hand-job. And nothing says I think you're attractive like a reach-around from a stranger.

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