Tuesday, September 08, 2009

As Promised

Friday afternoon I spent an enjoyable hour and a half doing a photo shoot. I haven't had as much time lately to schedule these things, and finding willing models is never easy, especially considering I don't have a studio and I'm not technically a "professional" photographer. Although as a hobbyist, I think I take some pretty pictures on occasion. Especially when the subject is an absolutely stunning specimen like the man I was lucky enough to find on this day. Really nice, easy to work with, gorgeous skin color and to top it all off, a beautiful apartment with lots of great natural light to shoot in. Oh, and if you really want to hate him, he had a really big fat hard cock that sprang up as soon as he got naked. Very distracting but I managed to soldier on. I promised him I wouldn't show his face, so I ended up shooting a lot of him from the neck down. A full body shot will grace one of the walls in my bedroom as soon as I find the the time to edit everything down and have it printed and framed. He was that gorgeous.

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