Thursday, September 24, 2009

Graphically Enhanced

My desktop upgrade is officially complete. It took me over a week, but I finally installed and enabled the graphics card, which was the last component in the upgrade. This should hold me from needing a new desktop for well over a year, and I've made my computer compatible with the new Microsoft operating system, which I've been running anyway for over a month. Now I'll be spending the next few weeks figuring out what the OS can do, as well as tweaking the settings on my graphics card. It does things. Things that I don't understand yet.

I initially ordered the wrong card for my system, my confusion as always has to do with the fact that I'm using an "off brand" computer, so you can't simply look up your manufacturer and motherboard and know what you need to order. It can be a little more trial and error. Once I doped out the card I thought I needed I had to re-order and return the old card. Once the card came I installed it, and my computer told me it found and installed new hardware. Maybe, but my system didn't improve, my graphics didn't get appreciably better, and if anything my Slingbox was acting worse than before. So no TV in the bedroom and even worse, no porn. This was intolerable.

Today I started investigating and finally got the bright idea to install the drivers that came with the hardware, rather than the drivers the web-site told me would work. As a matter of fact I downloaded and installed every driver I could find that even seemed remotely like I needed it. I'm not even sure which one finally took but suddenly an installation prompt showed up and I hit "yes, please" and in about 30 seconds my graphics card was enabled. I spent the rest of the day testing out games and checking my Slingbox settings, before popping out for a meeting with my HIV+ support group and then to Gay-A.

Among the many topics me and the POZZIES covered was the news out of Thailand that a "HIV vaccine" (if you want to call it that) has shown limited promise in preventing people from getting the virus. I couldn't help wondering if this wouldn't make the Us VS. Them (positive VS. negative) chasm even wider. Will a vaccine for HIV make the stigma that positive people experience even worse?

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