Monday, September 07, 2009

Upgrade In Progress

Almost done with upgrading my entire desktop system. The most expensive item was the new wide-screen monitor. It doubles as a TV and DVD screen, which I can now see very clearly while laying in bed, so when the mood strikes me I can pop in a movie before nodding off to sleep.

I also finally figured out which RAM I needed to purchase that would fit my motherboard, and last week after it arrived I installed it in under five minutes. My desktop has 2GB of RAM now, which is more than enough to run the new OS ...

Windows 7. A copy of which I obtained all free and legal like from Microsoft. It's the almost ready pre-release, but damned if I know what's missing from the final product, or what the bugs are because I haven't found any. I downloaded all my photos (over 2000 images - not all of them mine) to a thumb drive and re-installed them on my clean install. The process wiped away all my folders and categories from the old drive, so I've begun re-sorting every image I have, deleting pictures I've never been happy with and creating files that are more logical, with a separate file of images I absolutely will work on and publish.

Also, the new OS has made my current graphics and video card show it's age, with lots of buffering and dropped frames appearing when I download video or watch TV. So my final upgrade is the purchase of a new graphics card to replace the factory installed version I've been using. It should be here by Thursday, at which point I will have upgraded all the systems on my desktop (including the hard drive and DVD drive) except the processor and motherboard.

Wow. That was geek-a-riffic. I will make it up to you with a little sexy-time tomorrow.

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