Friday, March 14, 2008

Names, Sweetie! Give Me Names!

Quite the star-studded evening here at the work place. I'll start with the second event, which was a celebration for one of the lead performers in the musical Hairspray, who had just completed her 1000th performance in that show. And while I have no clue who she was, there were all kinds of B-Listers in attendance. Most of them are currently doing a turn in the show.

George Wendt was putting in some time at the bar. I was happy to see him in spite of the fact that he had replaced my old friend and fellow Buffalo native Paul Vogt in the role of Edna. At one point he inquired if I knew a place to smoke outside. I have no reason to think he didn't mean cigarettes. So I showed him to the staff elevator and up to the Penthouse level so he could enjoy a smoke on the Broadway balcony. He was most appreciative, and also, not a small man by any stretch of the imagination. A heart attack waiting to happen. But nice.

Jim J Bullock was out and about. As far as I can tell, he's not even in the current cast but maybe he had nothing to do. It's got to be pretty boring to be a Hollywood Square in a world of round holes. He's a tad doughy but still looks like himself. No work done that I can see.

One of my door gays was absolutely ecstatic that Ashley Parker Angel was in attendance. He's so dreamy he needs three names. I wondered why a pack of teen aged girls were pressed up against the window while the photographers were getting press shots. Cute enough for a white boy I suppose.

But all that kind of pales in comparison to an ex-President (cover your eyes Mike!). The first party of the night was some kind of Irish Democratic fundraiser for HRC. Herself was not in attendance, as she was busily trying to pander to the peeps in Pennsylvania, but most of us, even us politically apathetic types, were pretty well and truly exited that Bill Clinton came instead. Despite what many might think, even I couldn't be all aloof and jaded when the freakin' former President of the United States comes by to give a short speech and shake hands with about 100 folks he never met. And while he did come up to the Penthouse to meet whatever "VIP's" had paid for the privilege, he most graciously met, shook hands and posed for pictures with the owners, the entire management staff and everyone that works in the back office of the restaurant/nightclub. Including yours truly. It was rather impersonal, and that's an observation not a criticism, as these things are basically just a receiving line of people shaking hands and posing. Although he did ask many people their names or a brief question. But it was still pretty exciting. I was actually kind of speechless, which for me is highly unusual.

There is at least one picture. I'll post it as soon as it comes in.

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