Sunday, March 23, 2008

I Took A Nap

Which sounds really dull. And probably is. But it's significant because I'm now pulling a double shift on Saturdays. I go in about 11am and work a special Saturday Kid's Lunch, and then keep going right through dinner. I leave around 1 AM and get home around 2.

Yesterday I literally didn't sit down the entire time. I even checked an email I needed while standing. I had soup for lunch and spaghetti for dinner, both while standing up. Oddly, my feet never really got tired but my head sure did. It's logistically a bit of a challenge to keep three floors of restaurant and bar up and running. I do have help. Some of them are very competent and dependable but others can sometimes cause more problems than they solve. So I spend a lot of my time bouncing from the host stands on one and two to the wait stations on two and three, along with occasional forays to all four bars. During the kid's lunch I was even the bartender. Those 8 year olds get pretty sleepy after a vodka and apple juice.

I came home, walked Jet and went right to bed. I woke up physically tired but felt OK. It was only after I took Jet on a long walk and then for a visit to the Union Square dog run this afternoon that whatever tank of gas I was running on suddenly cut out. After nodding off repeatedly siting on the couch I finally decided to give in and lay back for some serious sack out time. Three hours later I woke up as if from a coma. My already mussed up hair now going in 12 different directions.

The thing is, I don't nap. Once I'm up I'm up for the day. I don't even lay down very often. Having absolutley no sex life makes that easier. When I do on those rare occasions nod off in the afternoon, it's usually for 1/2 hour, tops. So a three hour recharge probably means The Duchess was positively worn out.

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