Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Meanwhile ...

Don't think I've ever gone an entire week without posting since this blog began. And it's not that I'm running out of things to say. Far from it. The last week I've composed at least a half dozen partial posts in my head.

But I'm having some time management issues. I'm one of those people that lets work slowly creep in and take over more and more of their lives. Especially if I enjoy what I'm doing. And while I'm trying to draw a line and not let work become my whole life, I am spending a lot of my time and energy working or thinking about work or preparing for work. I'm completely aware that throwing yourself into your work is pretty much a guarantee that your personal life will suffer. But since I really have no personal life to speak of, no worries, eh? And yes, I get that I've described a blatant rationalization.

In case you can't tell, I've grown strangely introspective of late. And that's another reason why I've been having trouble getting a post up for you. I'm having trouble articulating what I'm feeling. Not that it's particularly negative or complicated. OK, it is rather complicated. Mostly because I don't know where it's coming from and I'm not sure what it means. And if that sounds rather vague and cryptic well, there's another reason I haven't posted all week. I thought it would be rather masturbatory of me to post up an on-line extended session of navel-gazing.

Of course, there are some that would say that's basically blogging in a nutshell.I'm not entirely sure I would disagree.

I've been keeping busy doing a little work around the apartment. Nothing too radical or expensive. Last week I was out pricing a project at the Homo Depot and stopped on the way home at my local Walgreen's. Have I mentioned how much I love Walgreen's? One of the main reasons is they're open 24 hrs. Plus, you can always find some 99cent plush Easter Bunny on sale that would be perfect for a certain man's best friend. Of course, after he greatfully accepted his new little stuffed companion, he proceeded to carefully remove both of his little black eyeballs. He ate his little ribbon tie too, but the eyeballs were the first to go.

Exhibit A:
The white stuff coming out of the eye socket on the right is either cotton or stuffed bunny brain matter. Take your pick.

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