Wednesday, May 17, 2006

My Best Friend

It's been a little over two weeks since my dog and I found each other. While there have been things I haven't counted on about becoming a pet owner, overall I couldn't be happier with my decision. Jet has been a joy and a welcome addition to my household. At least to me.

Friday night, I came home from work after 3 and immediately got Jet ready for his late walk. This is frequently my favorite time to walk him because my Gramercy Park neighborhood can be almost devoid of other people. There's auto and truck traffic of course, but we frequently walk an entire block without passing a soul. Jet can still be skittish aroound noisy people, so with them absent, he happily runs from garbage can to tree, peeing and rooting around for eatable trash. I know, I try to stop him. Speaking of that, this dog is a piss machine. Understandable, considering the massive amounts of water he drinks. I swear, I have to refill his giant water dish three or four times a day. I've never waited as long as I do with this dog while he pees and pees it out. TMI?

Anyway, after his late walk I retired to bed around 4. Jet climbed in with me. I woke up around 5:30 or 6 to the sound of Jet barking. He was no longer in bed. This was unusual. He rarely barks at all and never at night. I got up to investigate. I found Jet at the end of the kitchen hallway, barking at the outside door. On the other end of the hallway, outside his bedroom, stood The Ex. He was naked. He had a giant beach towel wrapped around his right arm.

"What's going on?"

"Grab him, I think he's going to bite me."

I held his collar.

"Bite you? He's 8 feet away."

"I got up cause he was barking and he growled at me."

"It's dark and late and you're staring at him down a hallway."

Apparently, after coming upon Jet up and barking at 6 am, The Ex mistook Jet reacting to something he heard out in the hall. Surprised and still not totally secure, Jet growled. He does that when he's scared or confused. It doesn't mean he's about to bite. It means keep away, I'm scared. Of course, The Ex wouldn't know that, considering in two weeks, he hasn't fed, walked or played with the dog. Beyond saying hello and a simple pat on the head he barely acknowledged him. Small wonder my dog doesn't particularly like him. He hasn't been particularly nice.

Which is why my 170 lb. roommate ended up naked but for a beach towel wrapped arm, which I later learned was for defensive purposes, as he intended to fend off an attack from my killer 30 lb. dog. Honestly. Of course, the next day Jet warmly greeted The Ex, having a dog's memory, meaning he totally forgot it. The Ex had a suggestion.

"Jet is really good when you're at work. But maybe when you're asleep at home you should lock the door."

I looked at him with a withering stare.

"Or maybe we should leave the dog and me free and lock you up for the night."

Discussion ended.

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