Tuesday, May 09, 2006

I Love It!

I recently posted a comment over at Joe's blog regarding the over zealous search policy inside the Best Buy stores here in the city. So imagine how thrilled I was to read about how they were the victims of a mission from the folks at Improv Everywhere. The results are pretty funny. -via Towleroad

Court sentences German cannibal to life sentence. After corresponding with over 400 people (!) he managed to convince some poor bastard to come over, where they proceeded to cut off and attempt to both eat his penis. There's video. Of the verdict not the meal.

The Post is running a promotion. They're giving away miniature baseballs with images of current players. Every day it's a different player. Every day I giggle like an Asian schoolgirl. "Randy Johnson mini-balls" *snicker*

I'll have more later.

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