Friday, May 26, 2006

Happy Holiday Indeed!

Of course, I'll be working through most of your holiday weekend. However I found out yesterday that because of my impending schedule change, I will have a big chunk of next week off. I considered planning a trip back to see the folks in Boofalo, but any trip now would have to include the dog. I wouldn't consider traumatizing him right now by putting him in a kennel and The Ex is simply not capable of caring for him right now. We had a huge fight. It started over the dog but it was actually about a lot of long-simmering resentments. I was incredibly nasty. I don't regret a thing. So instead I'm considering a day on the Isle of Fire. I would love to bring Jet out to the beach. Then again, I may stay right here. The Hellcat has resurfaced. I'm not sure how long. But his dog is back in the house as well. How happy am I when Jet and Colby are both tip-tipping around the apartment? Very happy indeed.

I had planned on going this afternoon to see X3. I think instead I'll have some lunch and a quick workout. I have plenty of time now next week to see it.

I was working yesterday evening when this slab o' beef wandered up to join someone for a cocktail and what appeared to be a business meeting. Only in Chelsea is business attire tank tops and board shorts but hey, who am I to judge? I knew I recognized him from somewhere but it took me a few minutes. Ah, Quentin. Pretty yummy.

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