Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Christ! More Dogs!

Here's a picture of the dog run at Stuyvesant Park. It's only a block from my place. I like it especially if it's been raining because it's mostly concrete. Less mud for the dogs to get on/into. This is only part of the enclosure but it's huge and there's plenty of room to let the dogs off leash and run and play.

Here's a shot of the run at Tompkin's Square Park. It's a bit of a hike but there's a dirt pit for dogs to dig up and lots of wood chips to run on and scratch paws on. The dogs there are divided into big and small dogs. Jet prefers to hang with the big boys. So like his daddy. Some of the dogs are really, really big.

Here's a handsome shot of my boy:

And some of his new pals:

Although, truth to tell, Jet can be a little standoffish when he's in the run. He likes to run, but only with me, and he doesn't like to play fetch at all. He also doesn't mix much with the other dogs, except for butt-sniffing. Again, I know where he got that. I'm wondering if he knows he's a dog.

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