Thursday, February 11, 2010

Here's Something Important is a web-site with information about PEP treatment or Post Exposure Prophylaxis. It is for people that find they have had unprotected sex (including the unfortunate breaking of the condom) with someone they know to be HIV+, or who's sero-status is unknown (read: drunken bareback hookup). It's a 28 day regimen of the same antiretrovirals that HIV+ individuals already take. The difference of course is that, provided you begin treatment within 2 hours to up to 36 hours of possible exposure, and you complete the 28 day regimen, you will likely (80% at least) not become HIV+ and you get to walk away, hopefully wiser and better informed. There's also a terrific YouTube video with a link to the web-site. PEP is not free, it has side effects, but if you think you've been exposed to HIV and you can access PEP medications, it's a pretty good line of defense.

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