Sunday, February 14, 2010

Gay Marriage Done Right - "Finally"

I ran across this video a month or two back, but for some reason there was no option at the time to embed it (I think). I'm on record as not being a very strong proponent of gay marriage -for me- but I certainly recognize and support that many people are, and are working tirelessly to achieve it. However, this is a very sweet video and one of my favorite songs refashioned brilliantly. And it omits one of the things that turns me off about gay marriage as well as marriage in general. The need for some big, ostentatious display to accompany your desire to legally take a partner. Namely a big wedding ceremony and reception. Aside from the fact that the wedding industry (dress, flowers, photos, tuxes, and reception among other things) is a HUGE scam that I am continually shocked millions and millions of people fall for, it would seem to me that if all you really wanted out of gay marriage was the legal recognition, it would make sense to not imitate the ridiculous "show" that straight people put on and just get married by a judge with a few close friends, or in this case, one tastefully turned out drag queen.

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