Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Don't Watch This Show

Well, go ahead but I have a headache from crying for the last hour.

I just watched "Mine", a documentary film on PBS. Here's the plot synopsis:

During the evacuation for Hurricane Katrina, people were forced to leave behind more than just their homes. Thousands of stranded pets were rescued and then adopted into new homes across the United States. As residents slowly returned to try and rebuild their lives, these "Katrina pets" became the center of full-blown custody battles, with people on both sides struggling to do what was right in the midst of an impossibly complex situation.

I was crying just watching the rescues, so you know I turned in to a blubbering mess as the people of New Orleans that were forced to abandon their dogs spent months of frustration locating them, only to have, in some cases, their new caretakers refuse to give them back. Not that I fault the new caretakers, as they rescued these animals that they believed needed safe homes, and many of them were told the owners would never be found.

So sad.

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