Sunday, August 30, 2009


The golf tournament, thank christ. As god as my witness I will never work another event at that horrific Liberty National Country Club as long as I live. I feel like I need a soul colonic. I've been snapping at Riley all night and I have a pounding headache. I'm assuming that's from swallowing fits of rage the last five days. But I am relieved it's finally over. The tournament itself wasn't very well attended, mostly due to several days of rain that kept the crowds away. I'm glad I earned some much needed hourly pay, but I got totally hosed out of making some good tips. I just want to start a new week tomorrow. I will go to the gym, make a Gay-A meeting and try to forget how much fun I didn't have the last week.

Also making a totally unexpected ending this morning was the 24 hr. market that has been located on the next block for the entire time I have lived here. 2o years. No idea when it first opened, but Blooming House Farm Gourmet, which we used to refer to as "The Koreans" and later as the "Million Dollar Deli" suddenly covered the windows with newspapers and closed up shop sometime yesterday. It really was a neighborhood institution, even though absolutely everything they sold was anywhere from 20 cents to a dollar more expensive than in a regular grocery store. But if a certain roommate has gone and gotten herself drunk the night before she has her period, resulting in a horrible early morning (or afternoon) combo of cramps, headache and dry mouth, it was always a handy location when you were sent out for emergency popsicles.

Where will I overpay for my groceries now?

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