Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Reprinted Word For Word

By Scott @ Bill In Exile

In the last year bias related murders against LGBT people has increased 28% and the number of gay bias murders has reached the highest point in ten years nationwide.

This just makes my blood boil for if there’s one thing I hate it’s people who prey upon gays and lesbians out of a sense that we’re somehow easy targets because they perceive us as weak.

As any of my friends, family members and ex boyfriends will tell you I just FUCKING LOVE it when gay bashers make the mistake of thinking that I’m someone they want to fuck with.

One time, when Hot House Brent and I were boyfriends, we were walking up Christopher Street toward Sheridan Square from our apartment on the corner of Bleecker and Christopher.

In front of us were two 20-something year old hetero couples, clearly bridge and tunnel types, who were in the city on a weekend and had come down to the Village in order to stare at the fags on our home turf and make fun of us like we were some sort of freak show on display for their personal amusement.

These guys were your typical loudmouthed frat boy assholes who didn’t possess a half a lick of sense between the two of them. They were acting out for the benefit of their dates so that they could show how manly they were by making snide comments about all the faggots in the neighborhood.

Now mind you this was on FUCKING CHRISTOPHER STREET — in the heart of what was then the gayest neighborhood on the planet.

Brent and I had been following about ten feet back from them for half a block getting more and more annoyed when I said to Brent, “Go on up there and work those two asswipes.”

Brent, NEVER one to shy from a challenge like that, sashayed his pretty butt right up to the bigger, more alpha {and cuter} of the two boys and when he got up to the group he parked himself in front of them, effectively blocking their progress, whereupon he inched his sunglasses down his nose so he could look over the top of them at the hetero miscreant, stared him up and down, and putting his hands on his hips said to him, “Baby, you are so fine. Why don’t you ditch the bitch and make the switch.”

To which the fratboy asswipe could only turn various shades of red and sputter as he tried to figure out if what he thought he just heard from this queen standing in front of him arms akimbo was in fact what he had heard.

Just as he decided that he had heard Hot House Brent correctly and that maintaining face in front of his posse required him to kick Brent’s ass Brent said, “Have I introduced you to my pet bulldog.”

Now, up to that point I had hung back so these tools thought Brent was alone and easy pickings, but as soon as Brent introduced me I let off after the alpha boy who, upon seeing me coming for him hell bent for election, took off like a fucking springbok across the veldt being pursued by a pack of ravening hyenas.

He abandoned his friends AND his date standing there on Christopher Street as I chased him into traffic on 7th Avenue South, across Sheridan Square and toward 6th Avenue where I satisfied myself by watching him run off toward Washington Square Park in close to world record time.

When I got back to Brent, the girls and the buddy had made their escape and Brent was surrounded by a gaggle of faggles congratulating him on handing this group of rude interlopers their walking papers from our neighborhood.

Gay bashers are the worst sort of bullies. And however they do their bashing; either with fists, guns or words they’re all the same and nothing more than common, low-down cowards.

As my friend Barry over at Enrevanche says of bullies:

“One thing, and only one thing, stops bullying in its tracks: a sufficiently violent response by the victim.”

This month is the 40th anniversary of Stonewall — I’d urge everyone to remember what happened on that date 40 years ago when a group of pissed off gays and drag queens refused to be bashed by the NYPD. And in the spirit of those drag queens who would that day, 40 years ago, brook no nonsense even from the police, I’d like you all to make it a point of personal honor to never, ever allow yourselves to be bashed in any way, shape or form by anyone.

Until the bullies and homophobes and haters of the world understand that their actions will result in extreme pain for them then they’ll just keep victimizing and bashing us — even if that bashing takes the form of “harmless” words and jokes by people who consider themselves friends.

Because it’s just a short, ugly trip from being bashed by words to being tied to a fence in a cold Wyoming field with your life slowly ebbing from you.

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