Saturday, June 20, 2009

I Surrender

I finally gave in and ordered an MP3 player. Up until now I have always used my phone. It has a Micro SD card that holds around 100 songs, which is quite enough for me to get in a good hour at the gym. But I do get bored with the same 100 songs rather quickly, and while my phone does play music, the sound quality is severely lacking. I don't usually play music dangerously loud, but a nice thumpa-thumpa while getting up to speed on the cardio machine would certainly be helpful.

I ordered this Sansa 2G player because I found it listed on Woot! for $19.99 with shipping. Too good a price to pass up. By the time I ordered, the red, blue and silver models were sold out. I had to choose between black and dark pink. I didn't order the black. I thought the dark pink would look cuter with my gym outfits... I mean clothes.

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