Sunday, June 14, 2009

My Gaydar Kicks In

It was just around the time I started puberty, roughly around the age of 13. As it turns out, not only did my hormones start to kick in but apparently, so did my Gaydar. I distinctly remember being riveted by a Saturday morning live-action cartoon show called The Land of the Lost. - Marshall, Will and Holly, on a routine expedition! It's now been re-made as a just-released feature film starring Will Ferrell (probably the least funny "comedian" that somehow keeps being cast in movies since Jim Carrey).

While the sci-fi subject matter, dinosaurs, time-travel and cheesy Sid and Marty Kroft production values might have been enough to hold my interest, it was most definitely the budding gay-boy boner that kept popping up every time the camera brought a lingering glimpse of teenage son Will (played by teen idol Wesley Eure) or his provocatively unbuttoned denim shirt and his skin-tight brown cords. Even from the beginning, I was riveted by a brown haired boy with a hot ass. And could we talk about those pretty blue eyes?

So imagine how pleased I was to run across this article via where Wesley Eure acknowledges what my teenage dick sensed all along, he was and is a big homo. He's also openly out, always has been (with the exception of the press), and recounts some surprising details from his career. Mostly that he was openly gay while a major star on Days of Our Lives, yet alleges he was ultimately fired for it. He also discusses a year-long affair with TV and mini-series star Richard Chamberlin that The Enquirer got wind of and their attempt to smear him.

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