Wednesday, June 03, 2009


Started itching like mad before bed last night and I assumed that a mosquito got in and had been feeding on my irresistible (and tainted) blood. It was right before bed so I sprayed myself with the bug spray I keep on the nightstand before going to sleep. I remember seeing what I thought was a huge collection of welts under my arm and was surprised I could have been bit so many times without feeling anything.

Hours later I woke up itching like never before and realized that I had welts up and down both arms and on my belly. I had broken out in hives. Ended up sleeping fitfully and itching all night. This morning I finally got up and the hives are all down my thighs as well. I'm actually relieved it wasn't a concentrated attack by a rogue band of mosquitoes. No idea though what I could have had a reaction to. The only thing I ate that I can't vouch for was a hot dog in the evening. Not the end of the world but still ridiculously itchy.

I also lost about 8 lbs. which has nothing to do with hives or HIV. Just enjoying all the spring vegetables and fresh fruit and cutting way back on the ice cream.

About a year ago (maybe more) I forced open my DVD drive on my desktop because it wouldn't respond and ended up fragging the damn thing. I had to do any DVD burning and movie watching on my laptop which was inconvenient but workable. Last week I happened to look up the model number of my DVD drive and discovered that I could buy a replacement via E-Bay for $20 including shipping. So I did, and the installation took all of 10 minutes. Geek Squad charges $150 for this? Happy it's finally fixed.

Riley caught a live mouse last night on his walk. He usually eats them but I managed to convince him to spit out the dead and completely squished little Mickey ( and it took quite a bit of convincing). I kicked him (the mouse) off the curb. Burial by street sweeper (or hungry rat). Then I made sure to praise Riley for being a champion mouser, as it's a skill I would like to preserve for inside the apartment.

That's all. Need some calamine lotion.

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