Thursday, June 25, 2009

No-Name Cat

Because cute cat pictures used to be a sure-fire way to increase your blog visits, here's one of the new kitten that my niece adopted while I was visiting the family. Poor guy still has no name so I took to calling him Cat.

I'm back in NYC now, reunited with Mr. Riley, who spent three days boarded in a kennel. He is none the worse for wear and even got a bath and a nail trim while he was at the doggie spa. However there are repercussions. Unlike most dogs who usually give their owners the cold shoulder after a separation, Riley has glued himself to me and follows me from room to room, curling up right next to me whenever I sit on the couch or do some writing. He seems determined to make sure I don't leave him again.

I was at the airport this afternoon going through security screening when I began my little ritual: cellphone, loose change, belt if there's a big buckle, house keys ... house keys ... house keys ARE IN MY JACKET IN THE CLOSET AT MY MOM & DAD's! Not enough time to drive back, I boarded the plane hoping that at least one of my roommates would be around and accessible so I could get in. All is well and I already have a replacement set of keys but I'm currently locked out of my own mailbox until my real keys arrive in a couple of days.

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